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UNIQA Life AD is part of the Austrian insurance company UNIKA Insurance Group, which has a 130-year history. It operates in 18 countries and serves 10 million customers.The insurance is intended for sports and tourist activities in the mountains, such as mountaineering, snowboarding and skiing on open ski slopes. If you practice extreme off-piste sports you need Extreme Sports Mountain Insurance.

Per diem during hospital stay

In case of an accident - BGN 70 per day

In case of illness - BGN 35 per day

In case of birth up to 6 days inclusive, a lump sum of BGN 210 (one time) is paid. If the stay lasts more than 6 days, an additional payment of BGN 35 per day is made for each subsequent day

Fractures and fractures resulting from an accident

Light bone fractures - BGN 250 (one time)

Moderately severe bone fractures - BGN 500 (one time)

In case of severe bone fractures - BGN 750 (one time)

Fixed amount for operations

Surgical treatment with payment of fixed sums depending on the category of the operation performed - up to BGN 2 000 (one-time)

Congenital anomalies

Cosmetic and plastic surgeries

Chronic diseases that occurred before the conclusion of the insurance

Examinations and examinations without medical necessity

Suicide attempt

Events that occurred while using alcohol, drugs or opiates

Natural disasters

Participation of the insured person as a professional or amateur in high-risk and dangerous activities

Events arising from non-compliance with medical recommendations

Others, detailed in the insurance conditions

Insured persons

Healthy individuals between the ages of 18 and 64 on the date of conclusion of the insurance are insured, and upon expiry of the insurance the maximum age of the insured person must not exceed 65 years.

Grace period

The grace period is the period of time during which the insurer is not liable in the event of an insured event occurring, regardless of the fact that the insurance contract is in effect.

  • Accidental hospital stay insurance cover is effective immediately.
  • The insurance cover for hospital stay in case of illness comes into force after 2 months from the start of the insurance.
  • Insurance cover for hospital stay at birth takes effect after 9 months from the start of the insurance.

Requirements for payment of compensation

  1. Per diem during hospital stay:
    For the payment of per diems during a hospital stay, a report (epikrisis) of the discharge from the hospital is required. It should contain the following data of the insured person: first and last name, address, date of birth, diagnosis, course of the disease and length of stay.

  2. Fixed amount for broken bones: A medical report is required for payment of the fixed amount in case of broken bones. The report must contain the following data of the insured person: first and last name, address, date of birth, diagnosis, conclusion of an X-ray examination or x-ray of the fractured bone, as well as the type of therapy.

  3. Fixed amount for surgical operations: For the payment of a fixed amount for operations, the submission of the epicrisis by the hospital is required. She must to contain the following data about the insured person: first and last name, address, date of birth, diagnosis, including a description and date of the performed operation as well as length of stay.


Pay by debit or credit card.

The security of the payment is guaranteed by the bank and the insurance broker does not have access to the card data.

Obtaining a Policy

The policy is sent to the email address provided. At any time, you can also find your policy in the Boleron mobile app in the 'Policies and payments' menu.

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