Child Insurance

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Оrder onlineFree deliveryбързо, сигурно
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Child Insurance Treatment without borders by DZI


The insurance covers:

Cancer treatment

Coronary artery bypass (myocardial revascularization)

Heart valve replacement or reconstruction

Intracranial surgery and specific surgery of spinal cord

Organ transplantation from living donors

Bone marrow transplantation

Treatment of diseases that have been diagnosed, treated or associated with medically documented symptoms or signs during the delayed period.

Medical procedures required due to the presence of AIDS, HIV or conditions arising from them;

All services that are not medically necessary to treat the underlying disease.

Treatment costs, services and goods for a disease for which the best treatment is a transplant covered by the policy;

Treatment of long-term side effects, relief of chronic symptoms.

All expenses incurred in the Republic of Bulgaria, except for expenses for medicines;

All expenses incurred anywhere in the world, if the Insured cannot be considered a resident in the Republic of Bulgaria and does not have a permanent address in the Republic of Bulgaria;

All costs for a disease diagnosed in the delayed period;

All costs incurred in a hospital other than those specified in the preliminary medical certificate;

Expenses relating to social care and services provided at home or in rehabilitation or other similar centers;

Costs for the purchase of any type of prosthesis or orthopedic devices and other similar equipment.

Expenses for the purchase or rental of wheelchairs, special beds, air conditioners and similar equipment;

Expenses related to Alternative Medicine, such as homeopathic medicines, etc., even when prescribed by a doctor.

Interpreter's fees, telephone expenses and other non-medical expenses;

Expenses incurred by the Insured and his relatives and companion, unless explicitly covered;

Excluded diseases and medical procedures;

Any tumor in the presence of AIDS

Any non-melanoma skin cancer

Any coronary heart disease that is treated with techniques other than bypass coronary arteries.

Any transplant that is required as a result of alcoholic liver disease; autotransplantation; transplant from a dead donor; transplantation which involves treatment involving stem cell therapy

Persons over 64 years of age are not insured

Only healthy people are insured;

How does the insurance work? Text

Pay by debit or credit card.

The security of the payment is guaranteed by the bank and the insurance broker does not have access to the card data.

Obtaining a Policy

The policy is sent to the address specified by you, within 3 working days after payment. At any time, you can also find your policy in the Boleron mobile app in the 'Policies and payments' menu

Why boleron?

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