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Insurance Property from Uniqa

Property insurance is created to guarantee financial means to restore the home after disasters such as fire, earthquake and flood. Insurance companies cover reimbursement costs of damages at replacement value (repair costs and refund) and not at the market price of the property. Therefore it is not necessary for the insurance amount chosen by you to corresponds to the market price of the property.

The insurance covers:




Robbery, burglary, malicious acts of third parties, vandalism

Storm, torrential rain, hailstorm, insury caused by the natural accumulaion of snow or ice

Breakdown of water pipelines, sewerage and steam lines

Impact by a road vehicle

Protеction of movable property

Expenses insured for identifying the reasons and eliminating the damages on the installations in the event of breakdown of water pipelines, sewerage and steam lines
- up to 500 BGN

Glass breakage
- up to 10% og the sum insured of the building

General civil liability
- up to 5 000 BGN

Short circuit / Electric shock
- up to 5 000 BGN

Events occurred before the beginning of the period of insurance

Malicious acts of the insured

Damages due to normal wear and tear, inherent flaws, corrosion

Losses related to devaluation, lost profits

Losses related to devaluation, lost profits

Waste of parts or manufacturing defects

Error in design, poor repair, violated construction and technical standarts and requirements


Hostilities or military actions, civil war, a military coup, any act of terrorism; Riots, civil unrest, strikes

Confiscation, requisition, nationalization

Atomic and nuclear exploisions, impacts of radioactive products, ionizing radiation

No coverage is provided for buildings subject to demolition; Buildings in construction or in the process of reconstruction; Vans, prefabricated houses, greenhouses; Motor vehicles; Official Papers /Documents


Pay by debit or credit card.

The security of the payment is guaranteed by the bank and the insurance broker does not have access to the card data.


The policy is sent to the email address provided. At any time, you can also find your policy in the Boleron mobile app in the 'Policies and payments' menu.

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